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  AIER Eye Hospital Group is China’s leading ophthalmology hospital group that covers Asia, Europe, and North America with huge scale and outstanding medical capacity. It has three listed companies in China (stock code: 300015) ,Europe (Spain: CBAV), and Southeast Asia (Singapore: 40T) with a total number of more than 600 specialized eye hospitals and centers and the annual outpatient visits in mainland China exceeded 10 million. Among those eye hospitals and centers, there are more than 500 in Mainland China, 7 in Hong Kong, 1 in the United States, more than 80 in Europe, and 12 in Southeast Asia.   爱尔护眼强院于扶持和获取知名同时进行的护眼科整形技与医疔管理方法经营理念,以专业系统化、投资额化、数学改成开发竞争战略,驱动国内护眼医疔企事业的开发。   AIER is committed to the parallel introduction and absorption of world-leading ophthalmic technology and management concept, with professionalism, scale and science as its strategy to advance China's ophthalmic medical care.   借助不断的的挑战与实践教学,并积极主动积极引导香港国际高端的社区治疗工作工作管理工作技巧 的基本上,顺利完成挑战出设计一套适应能力中国人中国国情和销售市场区域的骨科医生醫院直营生产工作工作管理工作模式英文——“分级管理工作直营”。充分利用人力、技巧和工作工作管理工作等几个方面的强势,借助广东省各直营醫院好的操作产品质量、好的社区治疗服务管理和顺畅的医患相处相处,使爱尔骨科医生变成 广东省各省市骨科医生患有的信赖的骨科医生醫院。   Base on constant exploration and practice, also with absorbing advanced international medical management experience, AIER Eye Hospital Group has successfully established the "hierarchical chain" management model that adapts to China's market environment. Utilizing our advantages in talent, technology and management, we aim to provide the most trusted eye care to patients all over the country by offering good medical quality, superior medical service and harmonious doctors-to-patients communication.   201五年,爱尔皮肤科医用机构集团公司与华中院校连合申请加入专业课程的皮肤科中医药技术员工——华中院校爱尔皮肤科技术员工,其主要培养出皮肤科硕、博士研究生精英型医用人力,启用了当今社会金融资本参与活动中医药学学前教育的有好处信息化和打磨;   201几年,与河北信息技巧二本大学协同公司设立爱尔眼视光学薄膜反应院,指在塑造培养眼视光学薄膜反应的专注技巧的人才。   2020年,新添加入了南京大学生爱尔骨科临床治疗技术学校及科研院。   与此时,自20多年爱尔皮肤科医生前后建立爱尔皮肤科医生论述所、爱尔眼视光论述所、角膜病论述所、白内障论述所、青光眼论述所、网膜论述所和屈光论述所等7大论述所,广泛宣传促进推动皮肤科医生学、视觉图片科学性还有各亚专升本最前沿和临床药学应用方法的论述和企业创新。   爱尔护眼整形整形整形能够申请加入技术学院和科学科研课题所等结构,正式工疏通了护眼整形整形整形的医、学、研三个域,使爱尔护眼整形整形整形的科研课题及监床层次取到特殊的提升,后以此积极推动中华护眼整形整形整形医疗保障事業的发展方向和提升。   In 2013, AIER and Central South University jointly set up AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU, to educate and train medical professionals with advanced degrees,which opened a new era for social capital to be involved in medical education.   In 2014, AIER joined the Hubei University of Science and Technology to establish the AIER School of Ophthalmology & Optometry, which aims to cultivate specialized talents in Optometry.   In 2019, AIER Clinical College of Ophthalmology, and Ophthalmic Research Institute in Wuhan University were found.   Besides, AIER has established 7 institutes since 2011, they are AIER Ophthalmology Institute, AIER Optometry Institute, AIER Refraction Institute, AIER Corneal Institute, AIER Glaucoma Institute, AIER Retinology Institute, and AIER Cataract Institute.   At this point, AIER has bridged all three areas of medicine, education, and research, the establishment of these educational and research institutions will significantly boost our research and clinical standards.   在快速的翻越式发展壮大的全过程中,爱尔骨科整形彰显和养育了了批生产经验总结雄厚、开阔多元化的管理工作组织和名医暗暮、治学禁止的骨科整形医生教授和麻醉麻醉医生组织。截止期2023年4月,爱尔骨科整形国际公司及的全球排名公司职员总值 36,000余名,进来骨科整形及视光麻醉麻醉医生总值(含我国的海外)7,400余名,具有最大量研究生生博导、院士生博导、院士、院士后、留学生欧洲的历史学者并且诊疗生产经验总结雄厚的本质医生教授,是我国的骨科整形研究方向备受举世瞩目举世瞩目的有生战斗力。   In the process of rapid development, AIER has gathered and cultivated a group of experienced and innovative management team and a team of ophthalmologists with excellent medical ability and rigorous academic background. As of April, 2020,AIER has more than 36,000 employees globally, including 7,400 ophthalmologists and optometrists. Ophthalmologists in AIER consist of a large number of Master's supervisor, PH.D supervisor, Ph.D, Post doctorates, scholars trained in Europe and the United States and core experts with rich clinical experience. They are a high-profile core force in the field of ophthalmology in China.   爱尔眼科整形医生的成长 不断快速发展,总是以“使某个人,不管怎样贪困富有,都有着眼营养良好的支配权”为神圣职责,执着的时代法律责任和个人成长 的和诣相同,能够 勇于创造性的“交叉重合补贴费”策略,其中一方向为病患能提供更为重要品级的眼科整形医生医疔服务项目,一并周全深入开展防盲治盲做工作、参与的时代爱心慈善和作用劣势年龄层,电容串联合的时代各条战线,引领某个中华防盲行业以至于中国人民眼营养良好行业的周全成长 。   Since its founding, AIER always committed to the mission,“Enabling everyone, whether rich or poor, has the right to eye health.”With its "cross-subsidy" model, AIER provides patients with higher quality services, in the meantime dedicate itself to the social welfare and helping vulnerable groups to promote the cause of fighting blindness and national eye health.   随着时间推移国内医学管理环保学体制机制改草的进那步推进项目建设,爱尔护眼顺应潮流祖国医学管理环保学法律法规和市场状况英文趋势英文,适度在医学管理企业开售“合作经营人行动计划”,秉承于增加护眼专家职业的生态圈区域,很大装量地鼓励核心理念人才的造就力和不能动性,为促进公司的大小与高效益的一起增加流入维持市场状况英文的重要的运转。爱尔护眼更专业的的于护眼医学管理功能保障卫生事业,将在我国的城乡一体化县域经济投建县级专业的连琐护眼社区医疗机构,为太多的人提供数据优质化量、高的层次的护眼医学管理功能保障。   With the reform on China's medical health system, AIER adapts to the national medical policy and trend, launching the "Partnership Program" in the healthcare industry to focus on changing the ecological environment for ophthalmologists and maximizing the creativity and initiative of core members in 2014. This strategy is a strong motivation for expanding AIER’s scale, raising benefits. AIER has always been focusing on eye care service and will establish more professional hospitals in smaller cities and counties providing high quality and multi-level eye care to more people.
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